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Journal of Keio American Studies 創刊号のお知らせ

慶應義塾アメリカ学会誌 Journal of Keio American Studies が創刊されました

慶應義塾アメリカ学会設立に寄せる "The KASA Manifesto" とともに、2019年12月6日に行われた国際シンポジウム "Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Chronological" のすべての基調講演およびパネルを収録しています。




Journal of Keio American Studies

Volume 0 // 2020 Inaugural Issue

Special Topic: The Advent of Transnational American Studies

Table of Contents

The KASA Manifesto

Keio University’s American Studies Association: Its Origins and History 3

Opening Remarks

Takayuki Tatsumi, "Transnational American Studies: or, Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, Trans-Chronological"

Keynote Addresses Mark, Seltzer, "Transit Zones: The Novel in the Epoch of Social Systems" Nina Morgan, "Editing Transnational American Studies" Alfred Hornung, "Living Transnational American Studies"

Panel I: Transfiguring Literary History Shogo Tanokuchi, "The Curious Gaze on Asian Junks: Herman Melville’s Art of Exhibition"

Yumiko Koizumi, "Gothic Concerto: Reading Lemuel Hopkins’s “Guillotina” (1796-99)" Kaori Hosono, "Staging Selves, Freeing Freaks: Michael Jackson’s Greatest Show on Earth"

Shunsuke Shiga, "Living in a Nowhere Land: The Beatles as a Cultural Vehicle in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake"

Panel II:Trans-Atlantic Imaginings

Hisayo Ogushi, "Double Vision: Royall Tyler’s The Algerine Captive and the Frontier Imagination"

Keiko Nitta, "A Voyage Across the Multicultural Atlantic: Edith Wharton’s Double Consciousness"

Greg Bevan, "No Comment: Depictions of the Transnational in Paul Bowles’ Points in Time"

Thae-Ho Jo, "Imagining the Racial-Religious Other: The Representation of Saracens in Middle English Romances"

Panel III: The Trans-Pacific Turn

Yoshiko Uzawa, "Yone Noguchi’s Style of Literary Adaptation in Gentō-romansu (1929)"

Hiromi Ochi, "Translations of American Cultural Politics into the Context of Post-War Japan"

Mary A. Knighton, "from unincorporated territory ~ to Craig Santos Perez’s Poemaps"


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